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English - Solar Energy Association of Sweden

National organisation with appr 210 professional members representing Swedish industry, as well as Swedish research institutes, working with solar energy.


The utilization of solar energy (direct transformation from solar radiation to heat and electricity) plays an important role in a sustainable Swedish energy system and Swedish companies are among the leading in Europe.


  • Calls on authorities in order to improve the conditions for solar energy in Sweden.
  • Develops information material for the public and decision-makers, etc.,
  • Awards annually a Solar Energy Award (Solenergipriset) for an exemplary plant and an exceptional contribution to the development of solar energy in Sweden.
  • Organises meetings for the solar industry in order to discuss common activities,
  • Collects branch statistics together with RISE,
  • Organises research seminars together with the Swedish Energy Agency et al in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers and the industry,
  • Stimulates enhanced knowledge of installers and other professionals in co-operation with member companies and SP,
  • Supports product quality via Solar Keymark – voluntary EU-certification – took early part in the definition of the requirements for P-labelling of collectors (a Swedish concept for quality labelling) together with RISE,
  • Member of Swedish Standards Institute (SIS), that administrates standardization work within ISO och CEN,
  • Association member of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (SolarHeat Europe) –,
  • Associated member of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (SolarPower Europe) –,
  • Swedish section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) –,  
  • Appr 100 individual members and provides Energimagasinet as a news magazine for all members.

RISE = Research Institutes of Sweden


Links to the board members (styrelse) and the company members (medlemsföretag).

Requests for further info in English can be directed to international secretary
Jan-Olof Dalenbäck.



/26 mars 2018

Kontakta oss

Svensk Solenergi
Kammakargatan 22
111 40 Stockholm

08-441 70 90

öppet vardagar 09–12

Senaste nyheterna


Årets Solenergipriser till Ystad Energi och Joakim Widén

– 2018 har vi nöjet att premiera såväl integrationen av solel i våra elnät som solvärme i våra fjärrvärmesystem, konstaterar Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Svensk Solenergi.


Nominerade till Solenergipriset 2018

Prisceremonin hålls klockan 13.15 onsdag 25 april i Westmanska palatset, på Holländargatan 17, Stockholm, med Maria Brogren, WSP, och Svensk Solenergis styrelseordförande Wilhelm Löwenhielm, som prisutdelare.


Höjt solcellsstöd för privatpersoner

Som en del i budgeten för 2018 avsätter regeringen drygt 900 miljoner kronor per år för perioden 2018–2020 till investeringsstödet för solceller.